A modern system for
Marquee & Tent Hire

Marquee Tech is a cloud-based tool used by tent-hire companies who are looking to modernise, streamline their processes and increase their profits.

The founders of Marquee Tech built the system after years of failing to find a suitable tool to run their tent-hire company.

Streamline, everything

Streamline your processes and discover a more modern, efficient and profitable way to run your company.


Stock management down to the last stake

Say goodbye to counting stock and second-guessing.

Whether it's bolts in the apex or stakes in the base plate, long term hire, stock rules, starter & additional bays...

Whatever the stock, you'll be in control with Marquee Tech.

All features

Not just for
Frame Tents

From Tipis to Trapezes, Tent-IQ to Tentipi and Custom Covers to Crown Canopies.

No matter the size, span or manufacturer, Marquee Tech is the premier choice for companies looking to improve their business processes & profits.

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Complex hire products?

From doors on a gable corner surrounded by ABS walling to base plates on a sub-frame cassette floor, no matter how complex the quote is, your stock is accurately managed.

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Accurate stock means...

Never overbook

Reduce headaches from overbooking with easy-to-read, automated stock-reports & warnings.

The system will identify stock issues and then notify your staff, helping them make the necessary changes to ensure smooth sailing.

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Build efficiency,
reduce mistakes

Load lists auto-generate with every quote. But that doesn't mean you can't change them.

Let's imagine you need to swap 10x 2.3m legs for 3m legs...

No problem, click to update or edit your load lists - It really is that simple.

Access load lists digitally or via PDF and minimise loading errors, trips back to the yard and costly mistakes.

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We're not just focused on stock

Modern quotes

Our old fashioned industry is modernising, and it's happening quickly.

But don't worry, you won't be left behind with mobile-ready, interactive digital quotes .

Build modern quotes in a couple of clicks from the office, at home or even better, with a client on a site visit.


Leaving PDFs in the past

The truth is... Ugly, black & white PDF quotes belong in the 90's!

Modern Customers (especially young brides), want beautifully designed, super-slick, interactive quotes that showcase your company in the highest light.

Optimised for all platforms, including mobile, our beautiful modern quotes are guaranteed to wow your customers and increase sales.

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Invoicing made simple

Ever been so busy in peak season you have forgotten to send an invoice?

Not anymore, convert quotes into invoices and get paid at the click of a button - it's that easy!

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Control your cash flow

Manage cash-flow with ease using our automated accounting system to track all payments and invoices.

Once an invoice is due, the system sends the invoice and collects the payment on your behalf.

So go on, put your feet up, because Marquee Tech will chase your late payments and notify you when you're paid.

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CADs & Floor Plans

We know how much of a stumbling block creating a scaled floor plan can be.

On Marquee Tech, suppliers create floor plans & CADS with zero computing know-how.

When your quote is ready, simply click a button and a floor plan will be auto-generated based on the hire items in the quote.

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Safely in the cloud

Hourly data backups

All devices, all brands & all browsers.

Setting up your account ... without the headaches.

We've invested tens of thousands of pounds to create a market-leading set-up process, guaranteed to have your account set-up in a couple of days with minimal business disruption or extra work for your staff.

Our set-up experts have tent hire experience, provide free technical set-up, migration services and use specialist tools to help you quickly and easily create your account.

Our FREE set-up provides you with everything you need to hit the ground running, including:

Account set up

Data migration

Component upload

Customer data transfer

This is all included in the FREE account set up, along with training, ongoing support, upgrades, video call support, data-backups and online video tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Marquee Tech the best system for tent hire companies?

Marquee Tech is a niche product. It is purposely built for the tent hire industry. This means, if you do not own a tent hire company, this product is not for you.

However, if you do own a tent hire company, you are in luck, as you have just found the worlds most powerful tent hire system. By solely focusing on the tent hire industry, we build solutions for problems that are only faced in our industry.

But most importantly we cut out all the features that you do not need.

Which makes Marquee Tech incredibly easy to use, fast to set-up, loved by our customers and also proven to increase your profits.

But seeing is believing right? So before you to join, why don't you contact us for more information and demo the software. Click here to do this.

What tent hire experience do you have?

The founders of Marquee Tech have combined decades of experience working in the tent hire industry. From site visits, to pegging stakes and everything in between, we've done it.

Why did we start Marquee Tech? Quite simply, we were fed up of inadequate software solutions that did not help tent hire companies.

So we raised investment & built the ultimate software, designed for businesses who are looking to modernise, improve efficiency and increase their profits. We miss going out on site, but office life also has its perks!

More information on the company can be found here. 

How long is a contract? How can I cancel my subscription?

Contracts are either rolling monthly or rolling yearly.

You can cancel at anytime.

How long does it take from signing up to using Marquee Tech?

After signing up, we will provide you with our online stock sheets. The stock sheets are very easy to use and should take no longer than an hour to complete. You do not need any specialist software to complete these forms and you can do this via a laptop, tablet or mobile (we recommend a laptop).

If you have your own stock sheets, email it to us and we will upload it into Marquee Tech.

Once we have uploaded your stock into Marquee Tech your account is ready to use! 🎉

We then give you access to the our online training portal and will call you to make sure you are happy with the system.

After signing up we make a big effort to ensure the system is working for you, your staff and your business.

This is all included in the FREE account set-up, along with training, ongoing support, upgrades, video call support, data-backups and online video tutorials.

Can I migrate from another system?

Absolutely, we have experience in successfully moving people from nearly every other system.

Do I have to pay for upgrades?

You will never have to pay for upgrades, they are included as part of the package.

Do I have to pay for tech support?

No, tech support is included in the package.

Increase efficiency & profits.
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