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Marquee Tech is a cloud-based tool for tent-hire companies looking to modernise, streamline their processes and increase their profits.

The founders of Marquee Tech built the system after years of failing to find a suitable tool to run their own tent-hire company.

32ft x72ft Sail Tent

Area: 2,304 sq ft (214 sq m)

Useable Area: 2,084 sq ft (194 sq m)

Remaining Area: 2,084 sq ft (194 sq m)

32ft x72ft Sail Tent

Area: 2,084 sq ft (194 sq m)

Remaining Area: 2,084 sq ft (194 sq m)

Quotes that understand
ft² & m²

Total area

Useable area

Reaming area

Widths & lengths. in feet or meters

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Automate stock control

Create stock automation rules by simply telling the system what to do, for example:

If, a clear ceiling panel is added to a quote, then, remove a PVC roof sheet from the load list and stock report.

No coding required

Simple to use

Why we built #NoCode stock rules (blog post)

Stock & quotes
in sync

Our quotes will alert you to any shortages in hire items or individual components and let you know what needs to be sub hired.





Cross hire





10x45m Premium Frame

Frame marquee

Stock warning

10m Clear PVC Roof

Clear roof

Sub Hire

Premium Flat Lining & Walls 10m


Stock warning

Sub Hire

Configure components

It doesn't matter whether you're managing king poles in a sail tent, base plates in frames, boards in cassette flooring or stakes in tipi, with Marquee Tech you can easily configure components across all your tent & product ranges.

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Modern quotes

Join the digital revolution and show-off your business with mobile ready, interactive quotes.

Digital quotes

PDF quotes

Mobile ready

Social media links

Images of products

Sales & CTA buttons

CADs & floor plans

Customer dashboard

Quotes update in real time

Coming soon

Videos of tents & products

Coming soon

Automatic upselling


Say bye bye to PDFs 👋👋

The truth is... Ugly, black & white PDF quotes belong in the 1990's!

Modern Customers (especially young brides), want beautifully designed, super-slick, interactive quotes that showcase your company in the highest light.

Optimised for all platforms, including mobile, our beautiful modern quotes are guaranteed to wow your customers and increase sales conversions.

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CADs & Floor Plans

Create floor plans & CADS with zero computing know-how.

When your quote is ready, simply click a button and a floor plan will be auto-generated based on the hire items in the quote.

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A culture of profitability

Marque & tent hire companies generate hundreds and thousands, even millions in revenue, but most do not know where their profit is coming from.

Marquee Tech helps to create a culture of profitability in your business, where everyone from the sales agents to the pickers knows their role in ensuring each booking stays profitable.

And it all starts with understanding your costs per booking.

In the chart above we are tracking the difference between our estimate costs and the true costs (payroll, P/O's, cleaning) of a booking.

Costs per booking

Run each booking through a quick costing calculator to understand the cost of sale to your business.

Indirect & direct costs

 

Set up & take down costs

3rd party & sub hire

Labour costs

Fuel & delivery costs

ft² & m² costs

Estimated costs

True costs & P/O's

Analyse costs & adjust your quotes to ensure profitability

Build quotes & costs simultaneously to analyse the profitability of a booking and prevent underpricing.

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Predicted Profit



Predicted profit, based on costs entered


This margin is higher than average.


Up/down & sub-hire costs


Total costs


Cost by category


Total costs

Predicted Profit



Predicted profit, based on costs entered


Margin, this is higher than average.


Up/down costs


Total costs


Cost by category

Labour cost

"Are higher than usual"


Smash targets.

The system will help you achieve a target sale price to ensure you hit a target profit margin.

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Sale Price




















Track & update PO's against each booking

Get a better understanding of your cashflow by tracking purchase orders per booking.

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Customer details






Glasto Festival



Purchase Orders


PO #




Andys Luxury Loos


Trailer Toilets 3F + 1M




Purchase orders notes

Please make sure all P/O's are confirmed with all the vendor ASAP!

Purchase orders
your vendors
will ❤️

Build, update & send modern online or PDF purchase orders to vendors at the click of a button.

Contact Marquee Tech

P/O #


P/O Date


Job Refernce #


Project Contact

John Deer - 01626 245056

Billing Address

123 Address Street, Torquay,


Luxury Loos

Vendor Address

Luxury Loos, Devon Road, Exeter

Delivery Address

1 Party House, Surfers Road, Newquay


Please ensure you use the exit gate when entering the site.









Any time after 9am


Before 14:00

Trailer Toilets 3F + 1M




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Marquee Tech
Queensgate House, Exeter, EX4 3SR
01626 245053

Not just for
Frame Tents

Our system plays nice with all sizes, spans & manufacturers.

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Follow in the footsteps of great companies

Great hire companies join Marquee Tech to streamline their processes, modernise, and increase their profitability.
Find out more by reading these case studies.

Saving Hours

The Marquee Hire Company

How do you manage a successful business, 2 small kids and working from home?? Marquee Tech of course!

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Increasing profitability

Fews Marquees

Turning over millions in revenue is exciting, but how do you ensure each project is profitable?

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No choice but to WFH

Monaco Marquees

After a decade of using another software, Monaco Marquees switched to Marquee Tech during 2020 Lockdown.

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Load lists at the touch of a button

Access load lists digitally or via PDF and minimise loading errors, trips back to the yard and costly mistakes.

Load priority

Total load weight

Swap load list items

Adjust item qtys

Get Started

accounting &
getting paid
has never been
this easy

Create invoices in seconds

Convert quotes into invoices and get paid at the click of a button - it's that easy!

1 click invoice creation

BACs, cash & card Payment

Digital & PDF invoices

Automatic email confirmation

View all features

Automatic Invoicing

Once an invoice is due, the system sends the invoice and collects the payment on your behalf.

So go on, put your feet up, because Marquee Tech will chase your late payments and notify you when you're paid.

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Over due



Over due





Due March 8th


Over due







4th July



Paid Jan 1st


Paid Jan 12th

Paid Jan 3rd

Over due by 2 weeks


Paid Jan 31st

Paid March 1st

Paid Feb 2nd

Over due by 2 months


Paid Feb 14th

Paid June 6th

Paid Feb 14th

Due March 8th

Paid Feb 22nd

Over due by 3 days


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Safely in the cloud

Hourly data backups

All devices, all brands & all browsers.

Your account, professionally
set up by
who has
real life
tent hire

Account set up

We've invested tens of thousands of pounds to create a market-leading set-up process, guaranteed to have your account set-up in a couple of days with minimal business disruption or extra work for your staff.

Our set-up experts have tent hire experience, provide free technical set-up, migration services and use specialist tools to help you quickly and easily create your account.

Our FREE set-up provides you with everything you need to hit the ground running, including:

Account set up

Data migration

Component upload

Customer data transfer

This is all included in the FREE account set up, along with training, ongoing support, upgrades, video call support, data-backups and online video tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Marquee Tech the best system for tent hire companies?

Marquee Tech is a niche product. It is purposely built for the tent hire industry. This means, if you do not own a tent hire company, this product is not for you.

However, if you do own a tent hire company, you are in luck, as you have just found the worlds most powerful tent hire system. By solely focusing on the tent hire industry, we build solutions for problems that are only faced in our industry.

But most importantly we cut out all the features that you do not need.

Which makes Marquee Tech incredibly easy to use, fast to set-up, loved by our customers and also proven to increase your profits.

But seeing is believing right? So before you to join, why don't you contact us for more information and demo the software. Click here to do this.

What tent hire experience do you have?

The founders of Marquee Tech have combined decades of experience working in the tent hire industry. From site visits, to pegging stakes and everything in between, we've done it.

Why did we start Marquee Tech? Quite simply, we were fed up of inadequate software solutions that did not help tent hire companies.

So we raised investment & built the ultimate software, designed for businesses who are looking to modernise, improve efficiency and increase their profits. We miss going out on site, but office life also has its perks!

More information on the company can be found here. 

How long is a contract? How can I cancel my subscription?

Contracts are either rolling monthly or rolling yearly.

You can cancel at anytime.

How long does it take from signing up to using Marquee Tech?

After signing up, we will provide you with our online stock sheets. The stock sheets are very easy to use and should take no longer than an hour to complete. You do not need any specialist software to complete these forms and you can do this via a laptop, tablet or mobile (we recommend a laptop).

If you have your own stock sheets, email it to us and we will upload it into Marquee Tech.

Once we have uploaded your stock into Marquee Tech your account is ready to use! 🎉

We then give you access to the our online training portal and will call you to make sure you are happy with the system.

After signing up we make a big effort to ensure the system is working for you, your staff and your business.

This is all included in the FREE account set-up, along with training, ongoing support, upgrades, video call support, data-backups and online video tutorials.

Can I migrate from another system?

Absolutely, we have experience in successfully moving people from nearly every other system.

Do I have to pay for upgrades?

You will never have to pay for upgrades, they are included as part of the package.

Do I have to pay for tech support?

No, tech support is included in the package.